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Current Affairs MCQ Questions 2018 March 10 Set-1

Which Union Minister inaugurates FICCI Frames 2018?

a. Suresh Prabhu
b. Smriti Irani
c. Sushma Swaraj
d. Nitin Gadkari

Which Union Minister launched 100% biodegradable sanitary napkins ‘Suvidha’?

a. Devandra Fadnavis
b. Anand kumar
c. Smrithi Irani
d. Arun Jaitley

Which Union Minister launches #YesIBleed menstrual hygiene campaign?

a. Smriti Irani
b. Prakash jadav
c. Ashwini Kumar Choubey
d. Ajay kumar

Who announced the ‘Mukhyamantri Mahila Kosh’ scheme?

a. Siddramaiah
b. Patnaik
c. Pinnarayi Vijayan
d. Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Who Indian-origin British man won bravery award in Birmingham man?

a. John Steffin
b. Harry Athwal
c. Christopher
d. Rigil Gilbert

Who is the best actor in 90th Academy Awards (Oscars 2018)?

a. Sam Rockwell
b. Ashraf Ghani
c. Anderson
d. Gary Oldman

Who is the first Brand Ambassador for Uber India?

a. Rohit Sharma
b. Suresh Raina
c. Ravichandra Ashwin
d. Virat Kohli

Who is the second Richest man in India?

a. Jeff Bezos
b. Lakshmi Mittal
c. Azim Premji
d. Shiv Nadar

Who is the Union Minister for Human Resources and Development?

a. Prakash Javadekar
b. Dilip Shanghvi
c. Arun Yadav
d. Jadav Kumar

Who was the first Test batsman to score 10,000 runs?

a. Sachin Tendulkar
b. Sunil Gavaskar
c. Ajay Jadeja
d. Ravi shastri

Who won a gold medal in the women’s 10m Air Pistol at the ISSF World Cup?

a. Manu Bhaker
b. Yashaswini Singh
c. Smriti Yadav
d. Rosini Mitharval

World’s 1st Monopoly hotel to open in Malaysia in _____?

a. 2018
b. 2020
c. 2019
d. 2021

___________ details of borrowers obtaining loans of Rs 50 crore and above has been made mandatory to take immediate action in case of fraud and to prevent defaulters from escaping away from India?

a. PAN
b. Passport
c. Nominee
d. Aadhar
e. Educational

A team of researchers from which Indian state has developed silver copper telluride (AgCuTe), a thermoelectric compound?

a. Mysore
b. Bengaluru
c. Chennai
d. Baroda
e. Baghalpur

According to a new report, what is the percentage by which women are behind men in pay scale?

a. 30 per cent
b. 40 per cent
c. 15 per cent
d. 20 per cent

According to an assessment done by leading brand valuation firm, Brand Finance, which company was named as the fastest growing IT services brand in the world?

a. CTS
b. Verizon
c. HCL
d. TCS
e. IBM

According to new study, even 'safe' air pollution levels can impact the function of this organ in a foetus.

a. Lungs
b. Heart
c. Brain
d. Kidney

According to UNICEF, the sharpest decline in child marriages has happened in which nation in the last 10 years?

a. India
b. Pakistan
c. Bangladesh
d. Sri Lanka

After Jammu and Kashmir, which is the second state to unveil the state flag (nada dhwaja)?

a. Gujarat
b. Odisha
c. Maharashtra
d. Karnataka
e. Uttar Pradesh

An international team of scientists have provided the first proof of an exotic new state of matter, known as “Rydberg polarons”. Name the University which worked on this “Rydberg polarons?”

a. Vienna University of Technology in Austria
b. Harvard University in Massachusetts
c. Rice University in Texas
d. All the above
e. None of these

Anjum Moudgil is associated with which sports?

a. Boxing
b. Shooting
c. Badminton
d. Tennis

As part of the 10th edition of MILAN 2018, which first-ever multi-nation naval exercise at sea has started?

a. COAST-18
b. MILES-18
d. SEA-18

As per a survey by Airports Council International (ACI), which Airport has been rated as the world number one among airports handling more than 40 million passengers per annum?

a. Bilbao Airport, Spain
b. Carrasco International Airport, Uruguay
c. Changi International Airport, Singapore
d. Indira Gandhi International Airport, India
e. Dubai World Central International Airport

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II recognised Srishti Bakshi from which country as the 26th Commonwealth Point of Lightin honour of her exceptional service to empowering women in India?

a. Srilanka
b. Canada
c. Malaysia
d. Australia
e. India

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance has partnered with which company for a 3 year corporate agency tie up to sell its policies to home buyers?

a. Mahindra Finance
b. Can Fin Homes
c. Prestige
d. Reliance
e. SJR

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