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Current Affairs MCQ Questions 2018 March 06 Set-2

Prafulla Das passed away recently. Who was she?

a. Dietician
b. Physician
c. Lawyer
d. Chess Player
e. Litterateur

Prafulla Das, the renowned litterateur has passed away. He was belonged to which state?

a. Assam
b. Odisha 
c. West Bengal
d. Karnataka

Rashid Khan has become the youngest captain in international cricket. He belongs to which country?

a. Pakistan
b. South Africa
c. Srilanka
d. Russia
e. Afghanistan

RBI asked all the commercial banks in the country to link Core Banking Solution (CBS) with which banking system by April 30, 2018?

a. Electronic Banking
b. e-Commerce
c. Blockchain technology

Shubhankar Sharma is related to which of the following?

a. Swimming
b. Golf
c. Hockey
d. Wrestling
e. Tennis

T Thomas recently passed away. Who was he?

a. Dentist
b. Surgeon
c. Businessman
d. Architect
e. Judge

The Indian Navy will host the multi-national series of exercises MILAN 2018 at which place?

a. Andaman and Nicobar Islands
b. Daman & Diu
c. Lakshadweep Islands
d. Bay of Bengal

The International Conference on Sustainable Biofuels (ICSB-2018) was organized in which city?

a. Panipat
b. New Delhi
c. Patna
d. Guwahati

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently launched the Ombudsman Scheme for which organisations?

a. Non-Banking Financial Companies
b. Banking Sector
c. Mutual Funds 
d. Insurance Companies

Under the aegis of the Union Ministry of Textiles, the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) – New Delhi, will conduct a National Sizing Survey of India to develop an ‘India size chart’ for the garment industry. At present India is following which country’s tweaked version of size charts?

a. US or UK
b. US or China
c. US or Japan
d. US or Malaysia
e. US or UAE

Vinod Kumar Omprakash has clinched bronze in which men’s freestyle category at the 2018 Asian Wrestling Championships?

a. 65kg
b. 70kg
c. 62kg
d. 60kg

When is the “World Wild Life Day” celebrated all over the world?

a. 28th February
b. 1st March
c. 2nd March
d. 3rd March
e. 4th March

Which city is hosting the 19th edition of FICCI Frames 2018?

a. Mumbai
b. Pune
c. New Delhi
d. Kochi

Which country announced that it will be on the grey list of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) from June 2018?

a. Pakistan
b. Afghanistan
c. India
d. China
e. Srilanka

Which country hosted its first marathon for women?

a. Kuwait
b. UAE
c. Pakistan
d. Saudi Arabia 

Which country is not a part of the TAPI gas pipeline?

a. Turkey
b. India
c. Pakistan
d. Afghanistan

Which country recently proposed removal of 2-term limit for President?

a. India
b. China
c. Japan
d. Nepal

Which country was elected as the Vice Chair of Financial Action Task Force?

a. India
b. China
c. Pakistan
d. UK

Which country will host the 2018 SAARC Business Leaders’ Conclave?

a. Sri Lanka
b. Nepal 
c. India
d. Myanmar

Which country won the Snooker Team World Cup 2018?

a. India 
b. Pakistan
c. Japan
d. Sri Lanka 

Which film won the ‘Best Picture’ at the 90th Academy Awards ceremony?

a. The Shape of Water
b. Darkest Hour
c. Dunkirk
d. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Which India sports personality has become the brand ambassador of gaming platform Dream 11?

a. Sachin Tendulkar
b. Yuvraj Singh
c. Saurab Ganguli
d. M S Dhoni

Which Indian Actor-Politician has been honoured with a lifetime achievement award for his contribution to the fields of arts and politics at the annual ‘Political and Public Life Awards’ presented by Britain’s Asian Voice weekly newspaper?=

a. Kamal Hasan
b. Amitabh Bachchan
c. Shatrughan Sinha
d. Govinda
e. Vinod Khanna

Which Indian chess master has clinched the 2018 Tal Memorial Rapid Chess tournament in Moscow?

a. Tania Sachdev
b. Koneru Humpy
c. Parimarjan Negi
d. Viswanathan Anand

Which Indian state’s women team won the interstate national tennis championship 2018 held in Chhattisgarh?

a. Rajasthan
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. Maharashtra
d. Gujarat
e. Punjab

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