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Current Affairs MCQ Questions 2018 March 14 Set-1

National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) celebrated its _____ Inception Day at Mahipalpur, New Delhi?

a. 29th
b. 30th
c. 31st
d. 32nd
e. 33rd

On March 9, 2018, Maharashtra Finance Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar presented the state budget for 2018-19 in legislative assembly while Minister of State for Finance, Deepak Kesarkar presented the budget in legislative council. This was the _______ budget of the incumbent BJP-led government under Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis?

a. First
b. Second
c. Third
d. Fourth
e. Fifth

PM Narendra Modi and French President inaugurated 75 MW Solar Plant in which State?

a. Haryana
b. West Bengal
c. Punjab
d. Uttar Pradesh

President Ram Nath Kovind has inaugurated the World Hindi Secretariat in which country?

a. Madagascar
b. Sri Lanka
c. South Africa
d. Mauritius

Pyare Lal Wadali passed away recently. He belonged to which field?

a. Music
b. Film
c. Theatre
d. Art

Ranjan Roy recently passed away. Who was he?

a. Sportsman
b. Lawyer
c. Doctor
d. Singer
e. Journalist

Ranjan Roy, who passed away recently, was associated with which field?

a. Politics
b. Law
c. Sports
d. Journalism

Retail inflation has dipped to ______ in February from e.07% in January 2018, as per data released by Central Statistics Office on 12th March 2018?

a. 4.22%
b. 4.40%
c. 4.44%
d. 4.99%
e. 5.02%

Spicejet Q400 Bombardier, a SpiceJet commercial flight from Kolkata made a successful landing in which Airport for the first time?

a. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport of Mumbai
b. Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi
c. Kempegowda International Airport of Bangalore
d. Chennai International Airport of Chennai
e. Pakyong Airport in Sikkim

Stephen Hawking passed away recently. Who was he?

a. Doctor
b. Scientist
c. Violinist
d. Journalist
e. Lawyer

Stephen Hawking, the legendary theoretical physicist has passed away. He belonged to which country?

a. United States
b. France
c. United Kingdom
d. Germany

The 2018 Pi Day is observed on which date?

a. March 13
b. March 14
c. March 15
d. March 12

The Barh Super Thermal Power Station (BSTPS) is located in which state?

a. Bihar
b. Karnataka
c. Rajasthan
d. Punjab

The biggest solar power plant of Uttar Pradesh has set up in which of the following districts?

a. Mirzapur
b. Kannauj
c. Agra
d. Gorakhpur

The book ‘Fulfilling Bapu’s Dreams is the tribute of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to whom?

a. Sardar Vallabhai Patel
b. Subash Chandra Bose
c. Indira Gandhi
d. Mahatma Gandhi
e. Jawaharlal Nehru

The Border Security Force recently launched the first-ever crime-free zone along the international border between India and which county?

a. China
b. Sri Lanka
c. Bangladesh
d. Bhutan

The Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS) has developed a coded drug AYUSH QOL-2C for cancer patients. Where is the headquarters of CCRAS?

a. New Delhi
b. Pune
c. Varanasi
d. Imphal

The executive committee under POSHAN Abhiyaan hold its first meeting to decide on road map for mission. The committee is headed by whom?

a. Preeti Sudan
b. A B Joshi
c. Rakesh Srivastava
d. Kavita Jain

The Festival of Democracy will be celebrated in which city of Rajasthan?

a. Kota
b. Udaipur
c. Jaisalmer
d. Jaipur

The first HADR exercise ‘Samvedna’ of the Indian Air Force (IAF) in association with South Asian Region nations has started off the coast of which Indian state?

a. West Bengal
b. Kerala
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Andhra Pradesh

The first regional conference on ‘Mass Rapid Transport System (MRTS) for Urban Areas – Opportunities and Challenges was held in which city?

a. New Delhi
b. Pune
c. Kolkata
d. Amritsar

The first-ever crime-free zone along the international border between India and which county has launched?

a. Sri Lanka
b. Bhutan
c. Myanmar
d. Bangladesh

The first-ever Indo-French Knowledge Summit was held in which city?

a. Varanasi
b. New Delhi
c. Chennai
d. Shimla

The Gangrel Dam is built across which river in Chhattisgarh?

a. Mahanadi River
b. Ganga River
c. Yamuna River
d. Tapti River

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has been awarded the International Kochon Prize 2017. The headquarters of ICMR is located in which city?

a. Kolkata
b. Kochi
d. New Delhi
c. Kanpur #REF!

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