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Current Affairs MCQ Questions 2018 May 11 Set-5

Chief Minister of which state launched ‘Go to Village’ mission throughout the state on May 1, 2018?

A. Mizoram
B. Telangana
C. Manipur
D. Madhya Pradesh


Consider the following statements: i. Adult couple has the right to live together outside wedlock , ii. A court cannot interfere in the marriage of two consenting adults, iii. A court cannot annul a marriage of two consenting adults in a habeas corpus, iv. A couple’s marriage could not be said to be ‘null and void’ merely because they are younger than marriageable age, Which among the above statements are false in relation to SC’s recent judgement on live-in relationship?

A. All of the above
B. Only IV
C. Both I and IV
D. None of the above

Dave Michener who died on 15th February 2018, due to a virus, at his residence in Los Angeles, United States, was a ____?

A. Animator
B. Football player
C. Cricketer
D. Politician

Dr Nirmal Hirawat, the former Madhya Pradesh minister has passed away. She was associated with which political party?

A. Indian National Congress
B. Bharatiya Janata Party
C. Bahujan Samaj Party
D. Nationalist Congress Party

EPFO launches View Pension Passbook Service on __________.

A. Umang App
B. Armaan App
C. mAdhaar App
D. MyGov

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Bill Gates’ Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have partnered to improve____________.

A. Sports
B. Healthcare
C. Education
D. None of these

First organised census of Indus Dolphins begins in ___________.

A. Orissa
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Punjab
D. Madhya Pradesh

Google to set up 25,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in which Indian state?

A. Maharatra
B. Kerala
C. Karnataka
D. Andhra Pradesh

GSTN in this ‘N’ represents___________.

A. Nation
B. Network
C. National
D. None of these

Guatemala country is situated in which among the following continent?

A. North America
B. Asia
C. Africa
D. Australia

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