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Current Affairs MCQ Questions 2018 May 15 Set-5

Scientists at the Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute (CSWRI) of ____, have come up with a new laparascope-assisted insemination technique for sheep?

A. Gujarat
B. Jammu and Kashmir
C. Rajasthan
D. Bihar

Scientists have discovered a mineral named ____, in a lunar meteorite that points to abundant hidden reserves of water ice under the surface of the Moon, which can be used for future human exploration?

A. Moganite
B. Megnite
C. Lunarite
D. Hydrode

Scientists have said that, Tapanuli Orangutan, the rarest ____ species on Earth, is on the verge of extinction?

A. snake
B. ape
C. vulture
D. dove

September 2019 climate summit to be held in __________.

A. Paris
B. Delhi
C. Texas
D. New York

Shirui Lily Festival 2018 is being held in Ukhrul district of which state from 24th to 28th April, 2018?

A. Meghalaya
B. Mizoram
C. Manipur
D. Sikkim

Siddhant Banthia has won the Indian leg of the junior French Open wild card tournament. He belongs to which city?

A. Patna
B. Pune
C. New Delhi
D. Indore

Sitanshu Yashaschandra is associated with_________.

A. Poet
B. Politician
C. Journalist
D. Actor

Skill India Organized ‘Ajeevika And Kaushal Vikas Mela’ in______________.

A. Bhubaneswar
B. Cuttack
C. Kolkata
D. Puri

Space Applications Centre has developed an indigenous atomic clock for navigation satellites. SAC belongs to which organisation?

C. European Space Agency
D. SpaceX

Squirrel, a group messaging app, has been launched by________.

A. Yahoo
B. Google
C. Apple
D. Microsoft

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