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2019 Current Affairs Questions for SSC CGL Exams

2019 Current Affairs Questions for SSC CGL Exams

2019 Current Affairs Questions for SSC CGL Exams
Inspiring Quote: A high-speed connection is no more an essential civil right than 3G cell phone service or a Netflix account. Increasing competition and restoring academic excellence in abysmal public schools is far more of an imperative to minority children than handing them iPads.

According to a report by G-finder,health research money in india increased to how much amount?

Amul launched Camel milk for the first time in the brand name of ‘Amul Camel Milk’ in selective areas of which state, on 24th January 2019?

_____ became the first woman to perform bike stunts, alongside her male teammates as part of daredevils, during Republic Day celebrations of India?

India and ____ agreed to set up energy banking mechanism to make use of the surplus electricity in an essential and a useful way, on 25th January 2019?

India signed the phytosanitary protocol with which country on 21st January 2019, to facilitate the export of Indian tobacco, to the country which is the largest consumer and producer of tobacco with over 350 million smokers?

Competition Commission of India (CCI) approved the merger deal between GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare (GSKCH India) and ____ via an all-equity deal, on 25th January 2019?

England’s Danielle Hazelle retired from which sport on 25th January 2019?

Etihad Guest, the loyalty programme of Etihad Airways, along with which credit card issuer launched a specific visa credit card to confront the constraints of international travel for Indian travelers, on 24th January 2019?

Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA) and _____ signed a MoU to guide farmer producer organizations (FPOs) and allied institutions, on 24thJanuary 2019?

France’s Michel Legrand died at the age of 86 in Paris, on 26th January 2019. He was a ____?

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