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2019 Current Affairs Questions for IBPS PO Competitive Exams

2019 Current Affairs Questions for IBPS PO Competitive Exams

2019 Current Affairs Questions for IBPS PO Competitive Exams
Inspiring Quote: A lot can be changed in a span of a year. A thousand lives can be moulded, a lot many lessons can be learnt and life can show its unpredictability. Even so, one year is enough to prove to yourself that you are worth the struggle that you undertake just to reap a momentary fruit of that labour. If fighting a new fight keeps us motivated each year, so be it. Here is wishing every fighter, struggling to make a break and succeed in life a memorable New Year. Do what you do best and don't trade your passion for fame but rather earn the fame through your passion. May your fight be fruitful this year and your name engraved in hearts of horde in the form of your work.

Which state became the only state to have four international airports in India?

Which state has emerged as the best performing state in the Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2018?

Which state government launched ‘Shiksha Setu’ mobile App to provide information on attendance, fee, online admission and scholarships of the state’s government colleges to students, on 18th December 2018?

Which State Declares Kuno as National Park?

Which State Government to create an Adhyatmik Vibhag (Spiritual department)?

Which state announces Shaurya Award for Students?

Which state government announced “Shaurya Award” to students in the name of 71 state police force martyrs who sacrificed their lives while maintaining law and order and protecting society since the formation of state in 1966?

Which state government declared Pakke Paga Hornbill Festival as the “State Festival”?

Which state government will soon launch a 'Pravasi Dividend Pension Scheme' to provide regular pension to Non Resident Keralites on a onetime payment of Rs 5 lakh?

Which state government has decided to launch Yuva Swabhiman Yojana for urban poor youth?

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