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Daily Current Affair Quiz on SBI Clerk Exams

Daily Current Affair Quiz on SBI Clerk Exams

Daily Current Affair Quiz on SBI Clerk Exams
Inspiring Quote: Accepting personal responsibility for your life frees you from outside influences – increases your self-esteem – boosts confidence in your ability to decisions – and ultimately leads to achieve success in life.

The Economic Development Board (EDB), the investment promotion arm of the Kingdom of Bahrain signed an MoU with the ______ Government to provide a framework for Co-operation between the two authorities to promote FinTech in their respective markets.

The Centre has reportedly decided to rename how many islands in Andaman and Nicobar?

The 6th International Rice Research Institute will be constructed in the campus of;

The chief minister of Manipur is _____?

The constitution bench that will hear the Ayodhya land dispute case shall comprise how many judges?

Sydney and Brisbane chosen to host $15 million 24 team ATP Cup in -----?

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has granted NBFC – P2P (Non-Banking Financial Company – Peer to Peer) Certificate to _____, enabling it to expand operations and target loan disbursals worth INR 100 Crore by the end of financial year 2018-19?

The 1st India-Central Asia Dialogue was held in which of the following country?

The Cabinet also approved an increase in the authorized capital of Exim Bank from Rs. 10,000 crore to what amount?

The bilateral army exercise named IMBEX 2018-19 between India and which country began at Chandimandir, in Chandigarh, on 14th January 2019?

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