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2019-February Current Affair Quiz on IBPS Exams

2019-February Current Affair Quiz on IBPS Exams
Inspiring Quote: Actions undertaken in anger, only result in pain, sorrow, and regret.

The first-ever UN’s International Day of Education is celebrated on which date?

The National Green Tribunal imposed a cost of Rs. 25 lakh on the which state government for failing to stop dumping of sewage and untreated water in the Ganga Canal.

The Election Commission of India has launched which programme ) for verifications of voters’ names, new registrations, changes or corrections in the Voter ID Cards for the upcoming General Elections?

Govt panel proposes national minimum wage of how many rupees per day?

Name the bank,which is penalised by RBI with Rs 1.5 crore recently?

According to the government,how much worth of loans of PSBs have turned bad under Pradhan Mantri Mura Yojana at end of March 2018?

Recently, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Slaman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud visited India. He is the crown price of which country?

As per the submitted report on “Determining the Methodology for Fixation of the National Minimum Wage” the expert Committee Recommends ________ Monthly National Minimum Wage irrespective of sectors, skills, occupations and rural-urban locations for a family comprising of 3.6 consumption units.

Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) launched a new portal, LADIS for real-time data on available depth on stretches of National Waterways. What does I stands for in LADIS?

NASA has announced a new space telescope mission dedicated to understanding the origins of life and the universe. It’s called the _________.

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