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2019-February Daily Current Affair Quiz on Railway Exams

2019-February Daily Current Affair Quiz on Railway Exams
Inspiring Quote: A man who denies his past is a man who truly denies himself a future, for he refuses to know himself, and to deny knowledge of oneself is to stumble through life as handicapped as the blind mute.

RBI predicted how much percent India’s gross domestic product growth rate for the financial year 2018-19?

Recently, Maulana Asrar-ul-Haque-Qasmi passed away.He was the former Lok Sabha MP from which state constituency?

Ram Nath Kovind inaugurate the Centre of Excellence for Genetic Blood Disorders in which of the following city?

Public sector banks have approved more than 1.12 lakh loan applications of MSMEs worth _____ rupees under the government’s ’59 minutes’ loan scheme, as on 25th December 2018?

Prime Minister Modi unveiled a plaque to mark the inauguration of the Dolaithabi Barrage project in which state on January 4, 2018?

Recently, the Centre has signed an agreement with five States for the Renuka dam project. Where is the Renuka reservoir located?

Recently,Centre gives nod for centre for classical language in which state?

Recently,Indian player Raghbir Singh Bhola passed away,He is related to which sports?

In which state,cable stayed 5.1 km “Atal Setu” was inaugurated?

Name the company which signed a five-year global partnership deal with the International Cricket Council?

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