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Daily Current Affairs Questions

Daily Current Affair Quiz on CLAT Exams

Daily Current Affair Quiz on CLAT Exams
Inspiring Quote: Accept hardship as a necessary discipline.

The Centre has taken a decision to make all new cars meet Euro 6 standards mandatory for initial launch from which year?

The government revised its forecast for GDP growth for 2017-18 to how much percent from 6.7%?

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF-2019) has started in which of the following cities?

Sri Lanka celebrating its _____ Independence Dayon 4 February 2019?

The 6th Meeting of the Mission Steering Group of National Health Mission held in which city?

India signed MoU with which country to combat marine pollution?

How many Indian startups joined Estonia e-residency scheme in 4 years?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off Humsafar Express in which of the following Route?

Recently, Inland Waterways Authority of India launched which portal for real time information?

India's first agromet forecast centre has inaugurated in which of the following states?

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