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2019-February Current Affairs Questions for BPSC Exams

2019-February Current Affairs Questions for BPSC Exams
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A month long “Festival Of India” began in which city?

The International Conference and Exhibition on Energy and Environment-Challenges and Opportunities(ENCO-2019) was held in which state/UT?

Donald Trump recently signed Space Policy Directive-4 (SPD-4), to establish the Space Force as the ______th branch of the United States military.

The 16th Russia-India-China (RIC) Foreign Ministerial Meeting is scheduled to be held in which of the following cities?

Raj Kumar Barjatya passed away. He was popularly known as _____.

Name the first humanoid police robot in India, that is recently launced by Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan?

SpaceX launched Israel’s first moon lander Beresheet from -------

Merger of Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank with BoB (Bank of Baroda) to be effective from --------

Government increased Risk and Hardship Allowance for CAPF personnel from 9,700 to ________ per month for those up to the Inspector rank.

NASA launches website to check daily weather on which planet?

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