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2019 Current Affair Quiz on RPSC Exams

2019 Current Affair Quiz on RPSC Exams
Inspiring Quote: A lot of libertarians and ultra-capitalists like to put out this idea that competition makes for better creativity. But it's just because we don't see all the creativity that's been crushed.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the One District, One Product Regional Summit held in _____ on 29thDecember 2018?

Who became the first tycoon to be charged under a new anti fraud law?

Who announces cash awards for triumphant Team India members?

Who among the following will head the 7-member committee on GST Revenue Shortfall faced by the states?

Who has acquired the the top position in the under-8 category at the Kids Golf World Championship organised by US kids Golf in Malaysia?

Who appointed Women’s Team Coach?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the National Museum of Indian Cinema in which city?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Inaugurates Country’s First National Museum of Indian Cinema in -----------?

Who became first player to win all three top ICC awards in single year?

Where will the India Africa Field Training Exercise (IAFTX) be held from 18th to 27th March 2019?

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