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2019-February Current Affair Quiz on SBI Clerk Exams

2019-February Current Affair Quiz on SBI Clerk Exams
Inspiring Quote: A satisfied customer brings more customers.

Rishabh Pant 1st ever Indian wicketkeeper to slam Test ton in ---------?

Scientists from which institute have developed a simple paper kit that can test freshness of milk and tell how well it has been pasteurized?

SBFC and this bank signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide loans worth Rs. 1 crore to MSMEs for 15-year tenure.

Reserve Bank of India has agreed to disburse Sri Lanka’s loan amount of _____ to boost the nation’s reserve?

Sir Michael Atiyah passed away. He is popularly known as ______.

SoftBank has decided to invest _____ dollars for over 40 % stake in BrainBees Solutions, which owns and operates omni-channel baby and mother care product retailer FirstCry?

Ronojoy Dutta was appointed as the new CEO of which of the following company?

5th India-Bangladesh Joint Consultative Committee Meet held in which city?

------- chooses the Go Green option; inaugurates 2MW solar power plant in military station?

Central Statistical Office (CSO) revised the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) Growth forecast to what percent from earlier estimate of 6.7%, on 31st January 2019?

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