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Check your Current Affairs IQ on CLAT Exams

Check your Current Affairs IQ on CLAT Exams
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Sulagitti Narasamma, who passed away recently, was the renowned social worker of which state?

Reserve Bank of India appointed whom as a chairman of the Economic Capital Framework (ECF) committee?

Six professors awarded Infosys Prize 2018 for science and research in __________.

Sunjay Sudhir appointed as India's envoy to which country?

South Korea’s Ki Sung-yueng announced his retirement from which sport on 31st January 2019?

Name the author whose debut book “No Friends But the Mountains” won both the 25,000 dollars non-fiction prize at the Victorian premier’s literary awards and the 100,000 dollars Victorian prize for literature, in Australia, on 31st January 2019?

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has decided to set up a World Heritage Centre housing ‘spiritual camps’ in 45 countries, one of which will be set up in ____?

According to the Union Cabinet,the Constitution (103 Amendment) Act amends which article of constitution and it will provide 10% reservation in government jobs and education to Economically Weaker Sections?

RBI raised collateral-free farm loan limit to what amount?

ICAI signs pact with Invest India to promote foreign investment. Who is the current ICAI President?

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