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2019-February Current Affair Quiz on RRB Exams

2019-February Current Affair Quiz on RRB Exams
Inspiring Quote: Accept what you are to do and what you are not able to do

The Center has approved for the setting up of 4 AIIMS in _______ and _______.

The first National Consultation on Child Protection for 2019 was held in which city?

The Chief statistician of India (CSI) is ____?

The IMBEX Exercise started recently between India and which country?

The government announced the names of the winners of the Gandhi Peace Prize for 2015-2018. Whom was conffered with the award for 2017?

The domestic aviation market in India has been growing at ____ % annually for the last 4 years and this growth has been the highest in the world, as announced in the Global Aviation Summit (GAS) 2019?

The German parliament has classified which of the following North African states as safe countries of origin?

The Centre has taken a decision to make all new cars meet Euro 6 standards mandatory for initial launch from which year?

The Embassy of which country and International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry (ICMEI), India have signed a MoU in the field of art and culture?

The annual meet of World Economic Forum (WEF) begins in __________.

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