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2019 Current Affair Quiz on SSC SI Exams

2019 Current Affair Quiz on SSC SI Exams
Inspiring Quote: A qui donc appartient le monde ? A aucune race en particulier, à aucune nation en particulier. Il appartient, plus qu'à d'autres moments de l'Histoire, à tous ceux qui veulent s'y tailler une place.Il appartient à tous ceux qui cherchent à saisir les nouvelles règles du jeu - aussi déroutante soient-elles - pour les utiliser à leur avantage.

Ramakant Achrekar who passed away recently is associated with Which Game?

Small Industries Development Bank of India headquarters in __________.

Shivajirao Deshmukh died following a long term illness in Mumbai. He was a _____?

Sir Michael Atiyah passed away on 14th January 2019. What was his profession?

President of Uzbekistan is _____?

In which city,ISRO has unveiled its Human Space Flight Centre?

INF Treaty, which is in news recently, is in between which of the following countries?

Name the person who was elected as the President of El Salvador, on 4th February 2019?

Behrouz Boochani, who won the Australia's richest literary prize, is from which country?

After which scam did the Bengal State demand for the President's rule in the State?

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