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MPPSC Exams Current Affair Questions

Current Affairs Quiz for IBPS SO Exams

Current Affairs Quiz for IBPS SO Exams
Inspiring Quote: A team is more than the sum of the individuals.

How much amount has been allocated for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) in the Union Budget 2019-20?

1.5 Crore Workers are benefitted from the PMRPY,which incentivise employers for generating jobs.PMRPY Stands for?

In which District does Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated New High Court Circuit Bench during his State Visit to West Bengal?

Jeremy Lalrinnunga is related to which sports?

Five-day multinational maritime exercise 'AMAN-19' begins in which country?

A Himalayan Cloud Observatory has been set up in which district of Uttarakhand to receive forecast and monitor cloud burst incidents in the Himalayan region and help minimise the damage.

As announced in the Budget 2019-20, container freight movement has started on inland waterways from Kolkata to _________.

In the budget 2019-20, what amount has been given as budgetary support to the Defence sector of the country?

As announced in the Union Budget 2019-20, keeping the contribution of the employee at 10%, what is the new contribution of Government in the New Pension Scheme (NPS)?

India's annual wholesale price inflation eased to a 10-month low of _______ % in January 2019.

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