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MPSC Exams Current Affair Questions

Current Affairs Questions for CLAT Competitive Exams

Current Affairs Questions for CLAT Competitive Exams
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Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah was crowned as the King of;

South Korea's Ki Sung-yueng announced his retirement from which sport on 31st January 2019?

The Africa Centre for Climate and Sustainable Development has recently launched in which of the following countries?

Name the tribe residing in Arunachal Pradesh,celebrates Boori Boot Yollo festival?

First Annual Conference of Media Units under I&B Ministry organized in which city?

According to World Health Organization report, Measles cases nearly ______in 2018 from its previous year?

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi inaugurated Lower Panazara Medium Project under PMKSY provide irrigation facility to 21 villages in Dhule,Maharashtra.S stands for_____ in PMKSY?

In which City does Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched laid foundation stone of Defence Corridor during his visit to Uttarpradesh?

Name the Book written by Mr. Dinesh Shahra and launched by Governor of West Bengal, Keshari Nath Tripathi ?

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) withdrew how much percent limit on investments by FPIs in corporate bonds of an entity with a view to encourage more foreign investments?

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