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Railway Exams Current Affair Questions

Current Affairs for SSC SI Competitive Exams

Current Affairs for SSC SI Competitive Exams
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Saurabh Kumar has been appointed as the Chairman of the which Company?

Recenty, Indian Army signed MOU with which Bankthe Defence Salary Package?

Recently,Sir Michael Atiyah passed away.He was related to which field?

Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) launched National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP) at the 4th “Agrivision-2019” National Convention held in which city?

Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), which is in news recently, is related to which of the following animals?

Chanda Kochhar was recently terminated by the bank.She was the former CEO of which bank?

Nilambar Acharya appointed as which countries ambassador to India?

Rishi Kumar Shukla, who has been appointed the new Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), is from which state?

Around ---- MSME Projects set up by women entrepreneurs

Justice Cholendra Rana takes over as Chief Justice of Which Country?

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