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Current Affairs Quiz for BPSC Exams

Current Affairs Quiz for BPSC Exams
Inspiring Quote: Among tech-minded kids, I think Alan Turing was a tremendous inspiration. He was a guy that was so different than the people around him. He was an outsider in his own time, but because he was an outsider is precisely why he was able to accomplish things nobody thought was possible.

The Ministry of HRD signed a memorandum of understanding with which country to work on Digital education Initiatives?

Darryl D’Monte passed away at age of 74 years in Mumbai.He belongs to which of the following field?

MITRA SHAKTI is a joint military exercise between India and which of the following country?

How many astronauts are reached to International Space Station (ISS) on Russian Soyuz spacecraft?

Name the Indian psychologist professor,who won the Hans-Kilian Award 2019 for providing deeper insight regarding human psyche.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev was sworn in as president of which country?

Name the public sector bank that inks pact with Bank of China for business opportunities?

Exim Bank gives what amount line of credit to Congoto finance three solar power projects in the central African country?

Name the Indian rail coach manufacturer,which became the world’s largest rail coach manufacturer surpassing Chinese manufacturers.

Name the former India hockey captain,who was appointed in Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) Standing Committee recently.

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