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Current Affairs for SSC JE Competitive Exams

Current Affairs for SSC JE Competitive Exams
Inspiring Quote: All of my career, I have been - how can I say this? - I have been through certain difficulties, and I have always tried to make it motivation to get better and better.

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Rabindra Adhikari has inagurated a 'Festival of India' in which of the following place?

Tele-law mobile application 'Nyaya Bandhu' was launched by __________.

Cobra Gold Military Exercises held in Which Country?

NIIT Technologies and __________ collaborated to accelerate the 'cloudification' of its enterprise clients.

Name the App launched by Suresh Prabhu during the National Conference on Logistics Policy: Context, Issues & The Way Forward,held in NewDelhi to gauge the actual issues faced by transporters on the road?

Global Business Summit held in Which City?

Recently,RBI removed Allahabad bank,Corporation Bank and which other private bank from PCA framework?

India and ------- intend to increase cooperation on AMR

National Science Day is celebrated across India on what date?

Indian government had decided to stop sharing of Indus water with which of the following country?

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