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Daily Current Affairs Quiz

Daily Current Affair Quiz on SBI Clerk Exams

Daily Current Affair Quiz on SBI Clerk Exams
Inspiring Quote: Always initiate a purposeful communication that can sound informative and appealing toward others around you by thinking very decisively before speaking.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU) Worldwide Cost of Living Survey, which of the following has been named world's most expensive city?

Business line Changemaker Awards are to mark the completion of _______ by the Hindu Business Line

__________ will be the first joint military exercise of Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Darryl D'Monte, who passed away recently, was the veteran personality in which field?

MoU signed by Ola and Telangana Govt. to strengthen traffic infrastructure in -------

Kazakhstan's first and only President, who announced his resignation on March 19 after 29 years in power, is ____________.

India's Asian champion Gopi Thonakal was qualified for World Athletics Championships 2019. He is associated with which event in athletics?

ICICI Lombard partners with which Digital wallet company for Cyber Insurance Cover?

National convention of War Decorated India was held in __________.

Name the Indian writer who won the Windham-Campbell Prize $165,000 under the non-fiction category?

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