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IBPS PO Exams Current Affair Questions

2019 Current Affairs Questions for IBPS Clerk Exams

2019 Current Affairs Questions for IBPS Clerk Exams
Inspiring Quote: All of them - my father, mother, step-mother, and grandmother - were all wonderful actors and performers and they are an inspiration to me, both in their craft and in their humanity.

The 91st Academy Awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on _____________.

The total durable liquidity injection was ____ rupees for 2018-19, as mentioned in the 5th Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy released by Reserve Bank Of India (RBI)?

The first Indian to scale Sahayadri mountain range.

UN Secretary-General ________________________ has launched a new framework, the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact, to combat the scourge of international terrorism and coordinate efforts across the peace and security, humanitarian, human rights and sustainable development sectors.

The opening ceremony for the 7th Sino-India joint exercise was held at Chengdu, China. The exercise is named as ____________.

Turkmenistan launched its first messaging app on 24 December 2018. It was named as;

This country launched first satellite for space-based broadband to rival Google.

The Power Ministry has decided to make all meters smart prepaid by which year?

The unique Chapparam (Chariot) festival, that symbolizes the importance of preserving all kinds of food and fodder, was celebrated in which temple?

The West Bengal government announced __________ welfare initiatives for farmers.

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