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SBI PO Exams Current Affair Questions

2019-March Current Affairs Questions for SBI Clerk Exams

2019-March Current Affairs Questions for SBI Clerk Exams
Inspiring Quote: All competitors are fierce competitors; Vodafone is the world's second largest company. We fight it each day. Idea Cellular is big and successful, too. Competition is competition; we are used to it.

Name the American military veteran and novelist who passed away recently.

International Vision Zero Conference held in which city/UT?

Anti-drug cell to soon be opened in every school and college of this state.

How many martyrs names have been inscribed at the ‘National War Memorial’, which was inaugurated by PM Modi on February 25, 2019?

Every year 24th February is observed as what day?

Central Excise day is observed annually on ______________?

India succesfully test-fired two indigenously developed QRSAM in the Odisha coast. What does QSRAM stand for?

As per the recommondations by the Swaminathan Commission, what amount was allocated for providing Minimum Support Price (MSP) to farmers in the recently presented Delhi budget?

Along with Germany’s KfW Development Bank,which bank signed an agreement to refinance solar projects at a cost of 113 million USD?

ICIC has announced that,Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) is “information” under which of the Act and it can be demanded by a citizen from the Election Commission (EC) by paying Rs. 10?

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