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SSC ASI Exams Current Affair Questions

Test your IQ on Current Affairs for RPSC Competitive Exams

Test your IQ on Current Affairs for RPSC Competitive Exams
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Union Cabinet approved the construction of Kiru Hydroelectric Project (624MW) in which of the following state with an estimated cost of Rs.4287.59 crore?

Union Cabinet has approved the proposal for creation of the Post of Technical member in which of the following statutory body?

MOHUA Hardeep Puri launched Indian Urban Observatory and Video wall at which city?

Surat Metro Project springs up expected to serve the masses by __________.

Shri Kishan Dan Dewal has been appointed as the next Ambassador of India to which of the following country?

The Asian Race Walking Championships 2019 held in which country?

How many member states are there in Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)?

Maate Mahadevi, who passed away recently, was the spiritual head of which of the following communities

The TROPEX 19 exercise held in which city?

The inaugural Africa India Field Training Exercise 2019 for India and African nations called AFINDEX-19 started in which city/UT?

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