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2019-April Current Affair Quiz on Bank PO Exams

2019-April Current Affair Quiz on Bank PO Exams
Inspiring Quote: And so must learn to love with our mouths and voices, as well as with our eyes, flesh, heart, brains, and with everything we have, right down to our toenails. There is not anything about us that cannot love, and that is not called to love, and that is not destined to be turned, conformed, and reduced to pure love. It the priceless deposit left by the burning away of selfishness.

Organisers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics unveiled which shaped torch for the 2020 Olympics?

------ finish with 16 gold medals at Asian Airgun Championships

Graham Reid to be appointed as India men’s hockey coach. He belongs to which country?

Under the framework of South-South Cooperation, India has offered what million dollar Line of Credit to Bolivia for financing development projects.

Name the organization, that presents National Academy Awards.

Name the Mini Ratna CPSU,which has successfully turned 1000 railway stations across the country into Free Wi-Fi zone.

How many Public Sector Banks (PSBs) are in India after Bank of Baroda merged with Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank?

Olympic swimmer Hiromasa Fujimori of which country was temporarily suspended after failing a drugs test?

Name the freshwater species,which is added in the Critically Endangered list by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) recently.

Google India head, who resigns after 8 years, is __________.

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