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2019-April Daily Current Affair Quiz on TNPSC Exams

2019-April Daily Current Affair Quiz on TNPSC Exams
Inspiring Quote: and what happens around us ,simply happens because we haven't learned to love .

The country's fiscal deficit touched approximately what per cent of the full-year revised budgeted estimate at the end of February 2019?

Government launched Blockchain Powered E-Marketplace for Coffee sellers in which city?

ISRO Launches PSLV C-45 Carrying EMISAT with how many Nano satellite?

India and this country ink pact to Check Tax Evasion, recently.

Finance Ministry stated that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) collected what amount in March?

How many MoU's are signed between India and Chile recently?

Name the person,who was honoured with the prestigious John Dirks Canada Gairdner Global Health Award.

Name the Algerian president,who resigned after 20 years recently.

According to U.S based Health Effects Institute(HEI)’s State of Global Air 2019 report, which of the following factor is the third highest cause of death in India?

Name the subsidiary of Eicher Motors,which has appointed Vinod K. Dasari as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

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