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2019 Current Affairs Questions for CLAT Exams

2019 Current Affairs Questions for CLAT Exams
Inspiring Quote: And now we step to the rhythm of miracles.

Recently,RBI slapped which bank with a penalty of Rs 2 crore for non-compliance of regulatory directions with regard to SWIFT operations?

Name the Irish Mixed Martial Art (MMA) fighter who has announced his retirement from the sport.

For the first time in the world, India's GRAPES-3 muon telescope facility measured potential of thundercloud. This muon detection facility is located in ___________.

Name the Actress,Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awardee,who will be honoured with Career Achievement Award at the 2019 Peabody Awards.

Rajasthan State came into existence on 30th March of ______ year?

Recently,writer Ashita passed away.She was the writer of which language?

In which Country did Russia open a helicopter training centre?

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen gets the prestigious Bodley Medal, which is the highest honor conferred by the _________.

Mankading, sometimes seen in news, is associated to which of the following sports?

At least ____ of the 521 sitting MPs are crorepatis and 174 of them have declared criminal cases against them

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