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TNPSC Exams Current Affair Questions

Current Affairs Quiz for IBPS PO Competitive Exams

Current Affairs Quiz for IBPS PO Competitive Exams
Inspiring Quote: And the second [thing about the CBS EVENING NEWS that stands out in the mind of Michael J. Fox] was something Katie did later in the interview, as the drugs kicked in and the tremors segued into the jerkiness of dyskinesias. Somewhere in the contortions of making a point, my left arm detached the microphone clip from my jacket lapel. With no fuss and hardly a break in conversation or eye contact, she calmly leaned over and refastened it. Neither of us commented on it, but it was such an empathetic gesture, so far from anything patronizing or pitying, a simple kindness that allowed me the dignity to carry on making a point more important than the superficiality of my physical circumstance...

Luke Perry Passed Away. He is popularly Known as ___________.

International Day of Happiness is celebrated on every March 20. What is the theme of 2019 IDH?

Name the India's largest bank which has signed an MoU with the Bank of China to boost business opportunities.

Indian-origin Who was creates history, enters Canada parliament?

Facebook will organise ‘AI for India Summit’ on 26 March 2019 in ______

Name the company that is acquired by NSEIT, the IT-services focused subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange?

Name the Operation launched by India to provide Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) support to Mozambique?

How many Indian oil companies received the ADNOC award?

First Indian Army Mountaineering Expedition held in which Mountain?

How much amount of gross revenue on account of GST totalled in March 2019?

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