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2020-January Current Affairs IQ Practice Assessment for IBPS | ssc cpo eligibility, rbi related questions in hindi, kerala psc results

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Top IQ Question and Answers on Better Film, Better Audience and Better Society, Political Parties Registration Tracking Management System, Russia, Bengaluru, 72, Freedom Fighter, Gujarat, Exam Warriors, Rohan Bopanna and Wesley Koolhof, National Defense Authorization Act, Sankalp, Recognition of maritime education & training, Bhopal, Brazil, Kento Momota, Aashman Taneja, 19th, 31 January, Iraq, Leo Varadkar

Top Current Affairs IQ Mock Quiz for KPSC

Practice the following Current Affairs Top Q&A list:

1) The 18th Dhaka International Film Festival starts in Dhaka, Bangladesh with the theme?

2) The electoral committee of India has launched PPRTMS that allows applicants to track the status of party registration applications. PPRTMS stands for?

3) Alexei Leonov, the legendary cosmonaut who recently died, from which country?

4) The Yoga Science meeting was organized as part of the ongoing 107th Indian Science Congress (ISC) in which city?

5) In 2020, India observed which edition of the Indian Army Day?

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6) Bhim Chandra Jana who recently passed away was a renowned ___________

7) Which state assembly will move a motion to support CAA?

8) Which book written by PM Modi was recently launched in Braille edition?

9) Who won the men's doubles title at the ATP Qatar Open tennis tournament?

10) The US President has officially established the US Space Force by signing which act?

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11) The Indian Navy has decided to continue Operation ____ in the Gulf region to ensure trade by sea?

12) The government has approved the agreement between India and Sweden with regard to which category?

13) The 63rd National Shooting Championship is held in _______

14) Which country imposed a $ 1.6 million fine on Facebook for incorrect user data sharing?

15) Which badminton player has recently won the Malaysian Masters 2020 title?

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16) _________, a five-year-old boy from Hyderabad has set the Guinness world record in Taekwondo for the most complete contact attacks in one hour non-stop?

17) The _________ edition of the exercise is being conducted from January 16 between the coastguard of India and Japan?

18) The Ministry of Aviation has announced an arrangement that provides a window for _________ for voluntary registration of all drones and their operators?

19) Which country is the largest supplier of oil to India?

20) Who is the first Indian Prime Minister originating in Ireland?

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