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2020-January Current Affairs IQ Questions for SSC MTS | sbi po salary, ias exam syllabus, What is SSC MTS job?

About this Updated Current Affairs Exam

Updated IQ Question and Answers on India and Pakistan, 51%, Japan and India, Uttar Pradesh(UP) and Madhya Pradesh(MP), Football, VISHWAS (Video Integration and State Wide Advanced Security), Rare Diseases, PNB MetLife India Insurance Company, Girish Kumar, Ahmedabad, Andhra Pradesh, 24, 20th, NASA, Reserve Bank of India, 1992, 6 January 1832, CRPF, Pune, Andhra Pradesh

New Current Affairs IQ Mock Assessment for MPSC

Practice the following Current Affairs 2020-January Q&A list:

1) Which 2 countries exchanged the list of nuclear installations on 1 January 2020?

2) What percentage will the sales sector of India grow annually and is expected to reach $ 120 billion in 2020?

3) Which 2 countries will participate in the annual joint exercise 'Sahyog-Kaijin'?

4) Which is at the top of the list of general crimes in India according to the Child Relief and You (CRY) report prepared based on data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) for 2016-2017?

5) Daniele De Rossi recently announced his retirement, he was associated with which sport?

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6) What is the name of the project started with the aim of improving Law and Order Management, Proactive Traffic Management and Control, Crime Detection via video analysis and Post Incident Investigation and video forensics?

7) "IC Verma Subcommittee"

8) Start-up of digital loans, RevFin has entered into a relationship with which insurance company offers its customers a life insurance policy for their loans?

9) Who has been appointed as Surveyor General of India?

10) The 31st international kite festival was recently launched in which city?

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11) Which state has recently launched "Aarogyasri Health Scheme" for providing free medical treatment to the poor?

12) The Indian Navy plans to build ______ submarines, six of which with nuclear energy?

13) According to the ______ issue of RBI's Financial Stability Report, the country's financial system remains stable despite the slowing economic growth,

14) Which astronauts space institute to perform the first female space walk?

15) The report entitled "National strategy for financial inclusion" was recently issued by which organization?

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16) When Securities and Exchange Board of India was established?

17) When was the first newspaper 'Darpan' published in the Marathi language?

18) IPS officer Rajiv Rai Bhatnagar retired as Director General of ________ on December 31, 2019?

19) Which city organized the fifth edition of the Asia Pacific Drosophila Research Conference (APDRC5)?

20) Nagarjunasagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve (NSTR) is in what state?

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