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Latest Current Affairs IQ Mock Quiz for SSC JE | What is the salary of an IAS officer?, What is the salary of Bpsc?, Is IBPS PO tough?

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2020 IQ Question and Answers on A Sakthivel, Rs.600 crores, 28th, Christina Koch, 16, Brazil, Jasbinder Bilan, Karnataka, Gutta Muniratnam, Kolkata, USIBC, 1250, BipinRawat, Bharatcraft, Rs.15,000, 2020, 31st, 2, A&B, Portugal

Updated Current Affairs IQ Quiz for SSC SI

Practice the following Current Affairs Top Q&A list:

1) Who was appointed President of Apparel Export Promotion Council of India (AEPC) on January 6, 2020?

2) What is the total release of the project that was launched during the sesquicentenary (150th year) celebrations of the Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) by Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

3) HRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal inaugurated which edition of New Delhi World Book Fair?

4) Which of these astronauts has made a new record of the longest single space flight by a woman?

5) The SDG India index of 2019 is based on how many SDG goals?

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6) Please select the name of the country whose president will be the main guest of the Republic Day 2020?

7) Who is the author of "Asha and the Spirit Bird"?

8) Karavali Utsav is celebrated in which state?

9) Who received the first 'Muppavarapu National Award for Social Service'?

10) PM Modi has re-dedicated three restored colonial structures in which city?

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11) The president of Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, MallikaSrinivasan, has been appointed to the global board of which organization?

12) Reliance Infrastructure has won an arbitration prize against Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) for how much crore?

13) Who proposed the establishment of Air Defense Command before June 30?

14) Is the government planning to launch _______ portal on the Alibaba and Amazon lines?

15) Under the Amma Vodi scheme, mothers and guardians of school-aged children from lower-income groups receive annual financial support from ________?

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16) CISF observes ________ as the year of mobility?

17) The _________ International Kite Festival was launched on January 7, 2020?

18) ISRO establishes an academic center in Karnataka to deliver _____ crore

19) Who organized the Wings India 2020 event?

20) Which country has announced its first edition of the "Gandhi Citizenship Education Prize" for animal welfare to preserve the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi?

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