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Top Current Affairs IQ Questions for RBI | tnpsc maths online test in tamil, gradeup quantitative aptitude quiz, What is meant by Po in bank?

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New IQ Question and Answers on Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Gujarat, India, SARAS ? Sale of Articles of Rural Artisans Society, Payment and Settlement Systems Act, 2007 (Act 51 of 2007), January 10, 7.9%, Bangladesh, Surya Kiran, BP Raju, Virat Kohli, Gujarat, Hillary Clinton, 100, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, 1.3 lac, Prevent vehicular theft, A&B, Hillary Clinton, Vikramaditya, Nandasena Gotabaya Rajapaksa

New Current Affairs IQ Mock Test for UPSC

Practice the following Current Affairs Updated Q&A list:

1) Who chairs the Inter-ministerial Approval Committee (IMAC) that approved Rs 271 crores-valuable project in the context of the creation / expansion of food processing and preservation capacities (CEFPPC)?

2) Statue of Unity is included in the "8 wonders of SCO" list of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). It is located in which country?

3) Narendra Singh Tomar has inaugurated the SARAS IITF Mela 2019, expand SARAS?

4) On the basis of which law did Reserve Bank of India (RBI) allow the processing of e-mandates for recurring payments via UPI (Unified Payments Interface)?

5) World Hindi Day (WHD) is observed annually on _______________?

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6) The interest rate on the Public Provident Fund Scheme for the January-2019 quarter of 2019-20 has been set at____

7) India has signed an agreement with which country in the field of information and broadcast to co-produce biopic "BangaBandhu" on Sheikh Mujibur Rahman?

8) What was recently called a joint military exercise between India and Nepal?

9) Which CBI officer has won the 'India Cyber ??Cop of the Year 2019' award from NASSCOM-DSCI?

10) Who won the ICC 2019 Spirit of Cricket Award?

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11) Vikram Sarabhai Children Innovation Center is founded in which state?

12) Who has been appointed as the new Chancellor of Queen's University Belfast in Ireland?

13) The central government has planned how much 'HunarHaats' to organize over the next five years?

14) Department for the promotion of industry and internal trade (DPIIT) falls under which ministry?

15) FPIs flocked to the Indian capital market with a net inflow of more than ___________ crore rupees?

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16) Govt has notified the rules for fixation of microdots. What is the purpose of microdots?

17) Who appointed as special directors in the Enforcement Directorate?

18) Who is appointed as the new Chancellor of Queen's University Belfast in Ireland?

19) India recently deployed its aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea in the midst of exercising Sea Guardians?

20) Who was elected as the 7th executive president of Sri Lanka on November 17, 2019?

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