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Updated Current Affairs IQ Mock Assessment for SSC SI | ibps so prelims test series, ssc jobs for graduates, clat exam pattern

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New Current Affairs IQ Practice Test for MPSC

Practice the following Current Affairs 2020-January Q&A list:

1) Which city organizes the 107th edition of the Indian Science Congress?

2) The 5th edition of the prestigious Raisina Dialogue is held in?

3) Who is the author of the book Ten Studies in Kashmir: History and Politics?

4) Which country organizes the NAM Summit, 2019?

5) The DefExpo India 2020 is being held in which of the next city?

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6) The Indian Navy recently conducted the large-scale anti-hijacking exercise code-named Apharan in which city?

7) In 2019, India celebrated the ____________ Vijay Diwas

8) Name the e-auction platform of the Ministry of Finance to enable a transparent online auction of linked assets by PSBs?

9) Which state government has withdrawn all cases concerning the pathalgadi movement?

10) Who was sworn in as the new deputy CM from Maharashtra?

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11) According to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, room air conditioners now have a standard temperature of how many degrees?

12) Who directs the film about the founder of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman?

13) The annual flamingo festival has started at ______ Lake in Andhra Pradesh?

14) The central government has planned to turn how many hospitals into medical colleges?

15) Kashmir is connected to the rest of India via ___ via rail?

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16) ________ Cabinet has approved the waiver of company loans and has given a nod to a subsidized meal scheme?

17) Who was appointed as chairman of Acuite Ratings?

18) Adani buys _______stake in the port of Krishnapatnam

19) Which bank has launched the myApps app to stimulate digital payments in India?

20) What is the name of the first Indian to win the 'Mr Universe 2019' in the 90 kg category at the 11th World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship in the island city of Jeju, South Korea?

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