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2020 Current Affairs IQ Practice Test for SSC ASI

Practice the following Current Affairs Latest Q&A list:

1) What is the name of the 1st nation in the world, which forbids 'reef-toxic' sun cream to save corals and marine life?

2) About how many crimes were recorded in the year 2018 according to the report of the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB)?

3) according to which schedule a total of 171 hospitals have been dismantled & Rs. 4.5 crore penalty was imposed for committing fraud and admitting malpractice?

4) Which of the following has been appointed as the new chairman and general manager of the state-owned Housing and Urban Development Corporation (Hudco)?

5) Which city has been chosen to organize the 5th edition of the World Coffee Conference from 7-9 September 2020?

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6) What is the capital of Malta?

7) The world's largest annual outdoor theater performance Dhanu Jatra is held in which state of India?

8) What is the new deadline for linking Permanent Account Number (PAN) to Aadhaar?

9) The government had recently given a number of Rs. 60,314 crore in FY20 for bank revival. Furthermore, an amount of Rs ________ has been approved as an additional capital infusion in four PSBs (IOB, UCO, Andhra and Allahabad)

10) Which tennis player has announced his decision to retire in 2020?

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11) The Reserve Bank of India has launched which app to help the visually impaired identify the denominations of banknotes?

12) Which country will be the first Asian country to organize the International Geological Congress?

13) Which government has recently appointed two Disha Special Officers?

14) How many cameras are used in Gujarat lion count, 2020?

15) Who has distributed the Krishi Karman Awards and the third episode of Rs 2000 to 6 crore beneficiaries under PM KISAN?

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16) Which capital now has the maximum number of young millionaires in India?

17) Alan Krueger is leaving. He was popularly known as __________?

18) Who will win the Windham Campbell prize?

19) Who won a gold medal in a 10m air pistol / gun event at the 63rd National Shooting Championship?

20) Who was named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CMD) of General Insurance Corporation India (GIC Re) on December 18, 2019?

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