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2020-January Current Affairs IQ Quiz for IBPS PO | How many months are current affairs for IAS?, ibps clerk quiz, ssc cpo eligibility

About this 2020 Current Affairs Online Assessment

Updated IQ Question and Answers on Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Wolf Cukier, Rs.100 crore, Tripura, Reserve Bank of India, Odisha, Visakhapatnam, Cinematography, Maharashtra, 25, Simultaneous sale & purchase of bonds, Andhra Pradesh, Virat Kohli, Y. Venugopal Reddy, Pokhran, Rajasthan, 63th, Prof. M.S. Swaminathan, Sarabjeet Kaur, Nand Kishore (NK, 7

New Current Affairs IQ Practice Test for Bank PO

Practice the following Current Affairs New Q&A list:

1) Name the Indian Cricketer, who has been chosen as leader of ESPNCricinfo's ODI and T20 teams over the past decade?

2) Who discovered a planet named "TOI 1338b" that is 1300 light-years away and about 6.9 times larger than the earth?

3) What should be the minimum net value of companies, NBFCs (non-bank financial enterprise) and other entities permitted by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to disclose commercial paper?

4) In which state did he observe his ritualistic festival 'Lai Haraoba'?

5) Which of the following organizations has recently issued a report "National Strategy for Financial Inclusion (NSFI): 2019-2024"?

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6) Which state has launched the Pauti mobile app to enable its citizens to pay income from land revenues online?

7) where is the 14th Global Healthcare Summit organized?

8) RamchandraBabu recently passed away. He was related to which field?

9) The government of which state has launched the Cyber ??Safe Women initiative to raise awareness about cyber security?

10) The Delhi Cabinet has approved electric vehicle policies to combat pollution. It wants to convert _____ percent vehicles into electric vehicles?

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11) RBI has recently conducted a special OMO (similar to 'Operation Twist' from the US) for what purpose?

12) Nara Lokesh is the IT minister of which state?

13) Which Cricketer is the only Indian in the Top 10 according to the ESPN World Fame 100 list?

14) Who is the author of the book 'Indian Fiscal Federalism'?

15) DRDO successfully tested the Pinaka guided missile system developed in-house at which location?

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16) The ________ edition of Maharashtra Kesari Kusti 2020 started on January 3, 2020?

17) Who received the Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu National Award for Excellence?

18) Which Indian weightlifter has been banned by the National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) for four years because of a doping violation?

19) Who leads the 15th financial committee that has submitted its report for the financial year (FY) 2020-21 to President Ram Nath Kovind?

20) How many member states are there in the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC)?

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