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2020-January Current Affairs IQ Practice Test for SSC SI | banking current affairs quiz, ssc si, tnpsc quiz in english

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Latest IQ Question and Answers on Jute, Maharashtra, Theme ? ?Communications: A Decisive Catalyst for Jointness?, Pakistan, global risk, Ellyse Perry, 82, 5, SBI, JNU, Sandip Patel, J Jayalalithaa, Bamboo, 4th, Actor, Maharashtra, India, 62, India, Bhavnagar port

New Current Affairs IQ Practice Test for SSC

Practice the following Current Affairs New Q&A list:

1) What material should be used for packaging food grains and sugar according to the government's approval on November 27, 2019?

2) Which state government has launched a 'Cyber ??Safe Women' campaign on the occasion of the birthday of the social reformer, Savitribai Phule?

3) What was the theme of the "DEFCOM INDIA 2019" in New Delhi?

4) Sea exercise 'Sea Guardians' takes place in the North Arabian Sea. It is exported between China and which country?

5) Which of the following terms is defined as an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, could have significant negative consequences for different countries or industries within the next 10 years according to the Global Risks Report 2020?

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6) Which of the following has won the ICC Women's ODI Player of the Year in ICC annual awards 2019?

7) What is India's ranking in the World Giving Index 2019?

8) How many DRDO Young Scientists Laboratories were recently unveiled by PM Modi at an event in Bengaluru on January 2, 2020?

9) The South Central Zone (SCR) of Indian Railways has signed a MoU with which bank for 'Doorstep Banking' to collect the direct income from all train stations in SCR Zone?

10) Which university has set up a panel to investigate campus violence?

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11) Who is IBM's new MD for India and South Asia?

12) The Tamil Nadu government has named two state universities after whom?

13) The North Eastern Council with the J&K admin organizes a workshop annex exhibition related to _______?

14) ManavThakkar has become the ______ Indian who achieved the ITTF ranking of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)?

15) Chinmoy Roy passed away recently. He was related to which field?

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16) The Biennial Global Pulses Conference called 'The Pulses Conclave 2020' is held in which state?

17) Which country tops the annual ranking list of countries (Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun ISSF World Cups for the year 2019?

18) Union Government sanctions 2,636 EV charging stations in _______ cities

19) Name the first country in the world to make the Haj 2020 process completely digital?

20) In which port will the world's first CNG (compressed natural gas) port terminal be built?

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