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2020-January IQ Question and Answers on Kerala, Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 9.9 %, Ministry of Home Affairs, 7.9%, Gujarat, Rajiv Rai Bhatnagar, Pakistan, Andaman & Nicobar, MalavathPoorna, Bhubaneswar, Joaquin Phoenix, India, United States, Mumbai, State Bank of India, High Flash High-Speed Diesel (HFHSD) ? IN 512, 2009, Arogya Sanjeevani

Latest Current Affairs IQ Online Test for SSC CHSL

Practice the following Current Affairs Latest Q&A list:

1) Which is at the top of the 2nd edition of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) India Index for the year 2019?

2) What is the name of the deceased leader of Oman, who was the longest serving leader in the Middle East and the Arab world?

3) Where was the 107th International Science Congress for the year 2020 opened with the theme "Science and technology: rural development"?

4) What is the estimated gross non-executive assets (GNPA) ratio of all planned commercial banks (SCBs) for September 2020 according to the 20th Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issue of the Financial Stability Report (FSR) 2019?

5) Census exercise India-2021 starts on April 1, 2020 and is administered by the Office of the Registrar General and Census Commissioner, India. It comes under which of the following ministry?

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6) The interest rate on the national savings certificate for the fourth quarter of FY 2019-20 is

7) Which state government has revealed the second highest statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in the world?

8) Who has been appointed as adviser to the Lt. Governor of J&K?

9) India recently exchanged the list of nuclear installations with which country?

10) ___________ did ANMoU ink at UNDP to strengthen the supply chain system for immunization?

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11) Who has scaled up the highest mountain in Antarctica, Mount Vinson Massif?

12) Which city received an ODF ++ status the day before the start of Swachh Survekshan 2020?

13) Who won the best actor prize in a film at the 77th Golden Globe Awards?

14) Which country receives 188 medals at Special Olympics World Games?

15) Which country officially closes the Jerusalem Consulate?

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16) Center and ADB sign loan agreement of US $ 926 million for Which City Metro?

17) Which bank has recently signed an MoU with the South-Central Railway zone of the Indian Railways, to collect income from the train stations?

18) IOCL launched the new fuel _________ with revised technical specifications on January 13, 2020?

19) When UIDAI was founded?

20) What policy was mandated by IRDAI to promote affordable health coverage?

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