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2020 Current Affairs IQ Exam for RBI | ibps guide current affairs quiz, civil service examination syllabus, What is salary of MTS?

About this 2020 Current Affairs Practice Test

Top IQ Question and Answers on PM-KISAN, Second Thursday of March, 7 March, USD 4 million, Google, New Delhi, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Baseer Ahmed Khan, North Korea, 23 March, 1962, paddy, 2010, Arnulfo Romero, Indian Space Research Organisation, Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, China, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh strong

2020 Current Affairs IQ Practice Exam for IBPS Clerk

Practice the following Current Affairs Top Q&A list:

1) Which of the following schemes completed the one-year implementation period on February 24, 2020?

2) When do we celebrate World Kidney Day?

3) Janaushadhi Diwas is held in India every year on________

4) How much has ADB Bank disclosed to help Asian and Pacific countries fight the outbreak of a new corona virus?

5) Which company has launched a tool that allows developers to tailor their websites to visual impairments such as color blindness to help them solve accessibility issues on their sites?

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6) In which city is the Economic Times Global Business Summit organized?

7) Which ministry has organized the 'Conference on Empowering Women Entrepreneurs 2020'?

8) Who was appointed as the fourth adviser to Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor GC Murmu?

9) Which country has recently fired two projectiles at missiles with a range of about 240 kilometers and an altitude of about 35 kilometers?

10) When is the birthday of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia celebrated?

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11) When the Central College of Secondary Education was founded?

12) Sahyadri Megha is a new red variety from _______?

13) The observation of the French language day was established by UNESCO in ________?

14) International Day for the Right to the Truth with regard to Serious Violations of Human Rights and for the Dignity of Victims is deemed to honor the memory of ________?

15) Which of the following organizations will launch the GSAT-30 satellite on January 17, 2020 aboard the Ariane-5 launch vehicle (VA 251) from French Guiana?

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16) What is the first single use plastic free airport in India?

17) Which country has recently operationalized the largest radio telescope in the world, "Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope" (FAST)?

18) In which Indian state is the Majuli River?

19) Which Government of the Indian State approves the Ground Water Act 2020, which aims to improve the declining level of the groundwater level (Feb 2020)?

20) According to the first edition of the NCAER (National Council of Applied Economic Research) Land Records and Services Index (N-LRSI 2019-20), what is India's best-performing state in digitizing land records?

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