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2020 Current Affairs IQ Online Exam for UPSC | ssc mts general awareness questions and answers pdf, bank quiz, What is the use of CLAT exam?

About this 2020 Current Affairs Questions

Updated IQ Question and Answers on New Delhi, ICICI, Rafael Nadal, March 16, Rs 15 lakh, P S Teji, United Kingdom, co-creator of Asterix comic books, Rs.39,000 crores, 2020, Tamil Nadu, Euro, 5.7%, South Central Zone, Shafali Verma, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Winged Raider, K. VijayRaghavan, ?Forests and Biodiversity?

Latest Current Affairs IQ Online Exam for UPSC

Practice the following Current Affairs 2020 Q&A list:

1) In which city was the largest international conference ever on standardization of diagnosis and terminology in AYUSH organized?

2) Which bank operating in India has launched the 'iBox' tool, the first of its kind to deliver 24 * 7 self-service to one of its branches in Mumbai?

3) Who won the men's single title at the Mexican Open tennis tournament?

4) On what date is the national vaccination day held?

5) How much money is given to each launched Farmers Producer Organization?

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6) Who has been appointed chairman of the Police Complaints Authority?

7) India has appealed against the closure of the Ambedkar House monument. Which country is it in?

8) Albert Uderzo, who recently passed away, is the ________?

9) What are the estimated costs for 83 HAL indigenous Tejas fighter jets for IAF?

10) The Union cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 4 approved the bill (second amendment) ________?

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11) MoD Submits Reports of Land Purchased for Uttar Pradesh and _________ Defense Industrial Corridors?

12) What is the currency of Luxembourg?

13) The United Nations has lowered India's GDP growth rate to ___ for fiscal year 2019-20?

14) Which of the following areas of the Indian Railways has signed an MoU with the State Bank of India to provide home banking services?

15) Which of the following has won the Best International Debut Award in Women's category at the BCCI Annual Awards?

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16) In which state will the 3rd Global Potato Conclave 2020 be held?

17) Which Indian state government has launched a 'Nadu-Nedu' scheme to modernize the government hospital in 3 years with the allocated fund of 15,337 cr?

18) What is the largest aerial exercise recently performed by the Indian Army in the Northeast Theater?

19) The proposal of 12 members of the 'Technology Group' was approved by the cabinet on February 19, 2020. Who is the head of the 'Technology Group'?

20) International Forest Day (IDF) is held annually on March 21. What is the theme for IDF 2020?

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