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2020 Current Affairs IQ Online Quiz for BPSC | civil services exam pattern, ssc online quiz in hindi, civil services posts

About this New Current Affairs Online Exam

Updated IQ Question and Answers on Iran, Uttarakhand, IMF, Malayalam, 4.9%, Bhopal, 20, UNDP, IIM Bangalore, Myanmar, Oman, Nick Kyrgios, Sustaining all life on Earth, Sports Federation of India, 2018, Arunachal Pradesh, Umaro Cissoko Embalo, USD 100 million, Flipkart, Mumbai

2020 Current Affairs IQ Practice Test for IBPS PO Clerk

Practice the following Current Affairs 2020 Q&A list:

1) Which country has reported the highest coronavirus death toll outside China?

2) Which state has decided to give rations to the population in the next three months in advance in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic?

3) What international organization has recently asked the Government of India to take immediate measures to rejuvenate the economy?

4) The well-known pet Puthussery Ramachandran died at the age of 91. He was known for writing in what language?

5) What is the expected growth of the Indian economy for fiscal 2019-20 according to Fitch Solutions?

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6) Which City Hosted the 2020 Forestry Conference of Indian Forest Service (IFS) Officers?

7) How many medals has India won in the Asian Wrestling Championships 2020?

8) Which of the Following Released Gender Social Norms Index?

9) Which Institute has recently launched the Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship Program?

10) In which country was Oculudentavis khaungraae, the smallest dinosaur, discovered?

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11) Which country signs an agreement that allows the US military to use its ports?

12) Who has won the Acapulco International title?

13) What is the theme of World Wildlife Day?

14) ______ announced the first edition of the Khelo India Women's Hockey League between March-November 2020?

15) When was the female entrepreneurship platform launched?

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16) Which of the following states has recently started the 'Innovation Festival'?

17) Which of the following won the recently held presidential election in Guinea-Bissau?

18) How much has Facebook announced to help small businesses most affected by the coronavirus?

19) Recently which company has partnered with Aegon Life Insurance to sell quick access life insurance?

20) The NABARD provides financial assistance to Rs. 42,313 crores in FY 2019-20 for building rural infrastructure. Where is NABARD headquarters located?

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