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Latest Current Affairs IQ Online Quiz for IBPS | What does an IAS do?, current affairs quiz month wise, Which newspaper is best for CLAT?

About this 2020 Current Affairs Question & Answers

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New Current Affairs IQ Mock Quiz for TNPSC

Practice the following Current Affairs 2020 Q&A list:

1) The government has set a target by which year to create a total of 75 lakh Self Help Groups in the country?

2) International Day of Happiness is celebrated every year on________

3) On what date is International Women's Day celebrated?

4) Who has been appointed the new Prime Minister of Ukraine?

5) Who has been appointed Chief Justice of the Bombay Supreme Court?

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6) Who developed Septiflo technology for fast and affordable diagnosis and treatment of bacterial septicemia?

7) Kenny Rogers, passed away at the age of 81. From which field was he a famous person?

8) Who was commissioned as a Special Duty Officer, South Coast Railway?

9) What is CET in relation to the new recruitment system to be followed for various government functions from 2021?

10) Jaydev Unadkat is the captain of which regional cricket team that won the first Ranji trophy?

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11) For the chief ministers of Manipur, Akhannaba Sanaroisingi Tengbang (CMAST), is ________ required?

12) What is the capital of Ivory Coast?

13) Who presented the Women Transforming India Awards (WTI) awards?

14) Employee 'Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has lowered the interest on PF deposits to ________ for the current fiscal year 2019-20?

15) Indian Railways is installing Internet Protocol (IP) based VSS on train stations. VSS stands for?

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16) Which of the following has won the ICC Women's ODI Player of the Year in ICC 2019 annual awards?

17) What is India's position in the Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index 2019?

18) Wasim Jaffer who is in the news recently about which sports (March 2020)?

19) Dept. of Telecommunications has taken over the process of issuing the IMEI number from Private Body Mobile Standard Alliance of India. IMEI is a __ digit serial number?

20) Who is the first hockey player ever to win the 6th edition 'World Games Athlete of the Year Award 2019'?

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