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About this New Current Affairs Practice Test

New IQ Question and Answers on March 1st, Suposhit Maa Abhiyan, Fourth, Cricket, March 13, GMR Group, Shakti, Karan Bajwa, US, V Dhananjay Kumar, Pinaki Chandra, Raghu Karnad, Journalism, nano, Shri S N Meshram, Telangana, 10.8, Jairam Ramesh, NASA, Theme ? ?Under The World?

2020 Current Affairs IQ Assessment for PSC

Practice the following Current Affairs 2020 Q&A list:

1) When was Zero Discrimination Day 2020 observed?

2) What is the name of Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla's campaign for the nutrition of pregnant women?

3) What position in the recently released FIH rankings was the Indian men's hockey team ranked on?

4) Ranji Trophy is related to which sports?

5) On what date is World Sleep Day celebrated?

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6) Which company is licensed by Andhra Pradesh govt. to develop Bhogapuram International Airport near Visakhapatnam?

7) What distinction has been established by the CRPF for elected personnel committed to women's empowerment?

8) Who has been selected as the Managing Director (MD) of Google Cloud in India?

9) Olympic gold medalist Kelly Catlin belongs to which country?

10) Former union minister Who died?

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11) Who has been approved by the Lokpal Selection Committee?

12) Who will win the Windham-Campbell Prize?

13) Chameli Devi Jain Award is an annual award given to outstanding artists in which field?

14) Indian scientists developed a process for selective deposition of ________ custom composite coatings, which can reduce the friction of these dynamic systems?

15) Who is the Director General of Geological Survey of India (GSI)?

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16) In which Indian state is Nagoba Jatara celebrated, the second largest tribal festival / carnival in India?

17) According to the report by the online payment processor Worldline India entitled "Wordline India Digital Payments 2019", the number of transactions registered in United Payments Interface (UPI) in 2019 is ______ (in billions)?

18) Who chaired the Rajya Sabha Child Pornography Panel, which makes 40 recommendations to Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu?

19) What is the space agency that detected 4 asteroids, namely 2020 FK, 2020 FS, 2020 DP4 and 2020 FF1 approaching Earth (March 2020)?

20) What was the theme of the 13th edition of the International Children's Film Festival inaugurated in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

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