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Top Current Affairs IQ Online Quiz for UPPSC | Which is the highest post in SBI bank?, What is the salary of SSC CPO?, rrb mock test in hindi

About this New Current Affairs Online Assessment

New IQ Question and Answers on Finance Secretary, South Korea, Sachin Tendulkar, February 26th, Antarrashtriya Yoga Diwas Media Samman, New York, Rs 6,200 crore, Haryana, Athens, China, 20%, Flipkart, Zhores Alferov, OIL, A&B, All the above, 1958, 51st, Hyderabad Metro, GOKADDAL

2020 Current Affairs IQ Assessment for Railway

Practice the following Current Affairs 2020 Q&A list:

1) Who will sign the new Rupee banknote according to the RBI report?

2) Which country currently has the highest cases of coronavirus outside of China?

3) Which of the following won the Laureus World Sports Awards 2020 in the category best sports moments?

4) When was the first anniversary of the Balakot air strikes observed?

5) Which of the following was awarded to recognize the positive role and responsibility of the media in spreading the reach of yoga in India and beyond?

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6) Two women of Indian descent, Judge Archana Rao and Judge Deepa Ambedkar, have been appointed judges to the criminal and civil courts of _________?

7) To what amount has Yes Bank's authorized capital increased?

8) The 68th All India Police Athletic Championship 2019-20 has recently started in which state?

9) In which city is the Panathenaic Stadium?

10) Which of the following countries did not report new domestic cases of COVID-19 for the first time on March 19?

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11) Oil prices fell by ______ after the OPEC plus meeting didn't close a deal?

12) Which e-commerce company partners with Aegon Life Insurance to sell comprehensive insurance solutions?

13) Nobel laureate Who died?

14) ________ signed an agreement with Numaligarh Refinery for the purchase and sale of crude oil for a period of five years?

15) The mineral laws bill (2020) replaces _________?

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16) The government has imposed export restrictions on the ingredients and drugs for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including ________?

17) Ministry of Culture has announced that it will review the Law on Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains, ________?

18) What is India's rank in the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) 's 12th edition of the' Democracy Index 2019: A year of democratic setback and popular protest '?

19) Name the metro connected to Paytm to launch a QR based metro map system?

20) What is the name of the world's first digital solutions exchange cloud launched in India?

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