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About Scientific Research & Development Jobs

the average grade point for courses included in the Bachelor's degree must be C or better in the Norwegian educational system. Experience with immunology assays (ELISA, Flow cytometry) is desired. Beratung bei der Reparatur und Kalibrierung von Liquid Handling und Probenvorbereitungsanlagen. Degree or equivalent in molecular biology or biochemistry or Pharmacology. Improve performance of existing Hardware and firmware, fix Firmware and HW bugs, propose Workarounds that are identified in current revisions.
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How to find April-2020 Scientific Research & Development Works in Bahrain

You have to focus on the following points to settle in Scientific Research & Development domain.

  • ENGINEER Develop content that is scientifically accurate, evidence-based, grammatically accurate, referenced using appropriate sources, and consistent with quality standards for author review, customer review as appropriate, and scientific peer review.
  • ENGINEER Learn, research and approach credit institutions government agencies, agencies, or organizations other potential support grants or grants take credit for microfinance activities or attend project of the organization;.
  • ENGINEER Passion for Medical research and scientific data management is a plus.
  • ENGINEER To use a combination of general and specialist engineering knowledge and understanding to apply existing and emerging technology.
  • ENGINEER File and share relevant scientific and academic articles on innovative research methodology.
  • As needed, perform quality control (QC) checking / proof reading of the above-mentioned documents to meet customer expectations.
  • Generic competences Proactive, communicative, accurate, able to work independently and in team.
  • ENGINEER Adherence to the company global policy for external interaction, code of conduct and industry code of marketing practices.
  • ENGINEER Knowledge of clinical oncology diagnostics and sequencing highly desirable.
  • ENGINEER Applicants must hold a degree equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree in microelectronics, electrical engineering or similar disciplines.

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