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About this Updated Current Affairs Online Test

Top IQ Question and Answers on IndusInd Bank, Gujarat, Rs 65,545 crores, 30%, Tamil Nadu, P V Sindhu, Congress, Microsoft India, Savita Chhabra, Karnataka, Aamir Khan, Bajrang Punia, 1712, CSIR-IHBT, 14 scientists, Goa, Rs 1,69,637 crore, Sofia, Bulgaria, All the 1), 2) and 3), March 24

2020 Current Affairs IQ Test for SSC CHSL

Practice the following Current Affairs Updated Q&A list:

1) Romesh Sobti recently retired as MD & CEO of which bank?

2) Which State celebrates the International Kite Festival 2020?

3) How much money has been sanctioned to set up a large port in Vadhvan in Maharashtra?

4) What percentage of the carbon in the soil is occupied by petlands according to the recent report?

5) Which state has granted beauty workers status to sanitary workers?

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6) Who won the BBC Indian Sportswoman of the Year 2019?

7) Hans Raj Bhardwaj, who recently died at the age of 83, was a former leader of which political party?

8) Which company launched the Innovate for Accessible India campaign?

9) Legacy of Learning is which writer's first novel?

10) Which Indian state / UT has launched the 'Namaste over Handshake' campaign to prevent COVID-19?

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11) Who was appointed as PhonePe's Brand Ambassador?

12) Who has won a gold medal in the international wrestling tournament in Bulgaria?

13) When was the Gun Powder Factory of the Dutch Ostend Company founded?

14) Who has used a new hand sanitizer with natural flavors, active tea ingredients and alcohol content in the hand sanitizer according to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines?

15) How many scientists have awarded Swarna Jayanti Fellowships by the Union Ministry of Science and Technology?

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16) Mopa airport in which state?

17) How much allocation has been made to transport infrastructure for 2020-2021?

18) Where was the 71st edition of the International Boxing Tournament "Strandja" 2020 held?

19) List the SAARC countries that have pledged to contribute $ 3.5 million (combined total) to the SAARC Corona Emergency Fund proposed by PM Modi?

20) The International Day for the Right to the Truth on Serious Violations of Human Rights and for the Dignity of Victims held on ______ every year?

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