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2020 Current Affairs IQ Practice Exam for SSC CHSL | What is meant by IBPS so?, ibps po salary, Is Lucent GK enough for SSC CGL?

About this 2020 Current Affairs Online Assessment

2020 IQ Question and Answers on Sunil Kumar, 2.4%, Biju Patnaik, Manipur, New Delhi, Pune, N S Vishwanathan, General Electric, Anasuya Devi, SEBI, 2021, Gujarat, 2, John Saunder, 1986, Meghalaya, Ajay Bhushan Pandey, Vivad se Vishwas Scheme, Sukumar Sen, Blockchain

New Current Affairs IQ Assessment for CLAT

Practice the following Current Affairs New Q&A list:

1) Which Indian player recently won a gold medal in the 87kg Greco-Roman category in Asian Wrestling Championships?

2) What is the OECD's estimated growth for the global economy for fiscal year 2019-20?

3) The comic book 'The Adventures of the Daredevil Democrat' is based on the lives of which of these leaders?

4) Which state has recently launched two programs CMAST and CMAT for the good of the athletes and artists of the state?

5) Which Indian city is scheduled for the host country's first Artificial Intelligence Summit entitled RAISE 2020 - 'Responsible AI for Social Empowerment 2020' in April?

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6) RaIDer-X is a newly developed explosive detection device co-built by IISc, Bengaluru and DRDO's High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL). Where is HEMRL located?

7) Which of these RBI vice presidents has currently announced his resignation on March 31, 2020?

8) Jack Welch, who recently died at the age of 84, was the former CEO of which company?

9) Folk Artiste & Radio Commentator Who recently passed away?

10) Which Indian regulatory authority lifts foreign investment limit on corporate bonds?

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11) ISRO's Chandrayaan-3 would be launched in ________?

12) Which was at the top of the list of solar roof installations in India?

13) Has it been decided that Census India 2021 will be implemented in _____ phases?

14) Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru thought _______ for British police commissioner James Scott and murdered British policeman in 1928?

15) When was the Export Development Authority (APEDA) for agricultural and processed food products established?

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16) Which State celebrated its 48th anniversary of State Day on January 21, 2020?

17) Find the person who replaced Rajiv Kumar as the new Finance Minister of India?

18) What scheme has been proposed to reduce direct tax disputes?

19) Who is India's First Chief Election Commissioner?

20) The Supreme Court lifted the ban on cryptocurrency trading by canceling the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) circular in 2018. What technology does the cryptocurrency run on?

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