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Current Affairs Quiz 2020 Jun, 17 - Week # 24, 2020 Current Affairs Update

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2020-June IQ Question and Answers on Tripura, France, Manesar, Haryana, Kerala, Pakistan, World Bank, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Portugal, Ukraine, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, 1996, 1960, M.R.Kumar, Israel, 27.1%, 3.2%, PM-eVidya programme, 1921

Top Current Affairs IQ Online Test for SSC

Practice the following Current Affairs Top Q&A list:

1) Kokborok community is associated with which of the following states?

2) Operation Chammal is associated with which of the following countries?

3) Which city organized the NuGen Mobility Summit 2019?

4) The SCTIMST has commercially launched RNA Extraction Kit Agappe Chitra Magna for COVID-19 detection. What state is SCTIMST in?

5) "Shaheen-I" surface-to-surface ballistic missile has recently been tested, it belongs to which country?

6) According to the report entitled "East Asia and the Pacific during the time of COVID-19", poverty in the Pacific region of East Asia is estimated to increase by 11 million. Name the organization that issued the report?

7) In which country is Jaffna International Airport located?

8) Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the 100th birthday of Bangabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Mujibur Rahman was the founder of _______________ country?

9) Which country has announced its first edition of the "Gandhi Citizenship Education Prize" for animal welfare to perpetuate the ideals of Mahatma Gandhis?

10) International Chernobyl Memorial Day is held on April 26 every year. In which country is Chernobyl located?

11) Phool Dei festival was celebrated in which of the following Indian states?

12) Which state government has launched Mee Annapurna - an inclusive farmer welfare program?

13) World Athletics Day celebrated for the first time in _______?

14) When Was the Maharashtra State Formed?

15) Olympic gold medalist Kelly Catlin belongs to which country?

16) On what date is World Asthma Day celebrated?

17) According to the Center for Monitoring of Indian Economy (CMIE) data, what is the current unemployment rate in India?

18) According to the mid-year United Nations (UN) World Economic Situation and Outlook (WASP) report, the global economy will contract by 2020 by what percentage?

19) To promote digital education in the country and to enable e-learning for students and teachers, the Union Minister of Finance, Nirmala Sitharaman, launched which programs?

20) What is the toll-free number to access the Aarogya Setu IVRS service?

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