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Banking Current Affairs Questions 2020 Aug, 11 - Week # 32, 2020 Current Affairs Update

About this Updated Current Affairs Online Test

2020-June IQ Question and Answers on Ethiopia, Maharashtra, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), Bharat Biotech, Ministry of Tourism, Cycling, Nagaland, Good Governance & Financial sector, Zoran Milanovic, 1st April, Men, 1945, Kumbh Mela, Asia, Nick Kyrgios, India SME Services Platform, Assam, Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore, 29 May, Madhya Pradesh

New Current Affairs IQ Mock Assessment for RBI

Practice the following Current Affairs New Q&A list:

1) Danakil Depression was in the news recently. Where is it located?

2) According to the report by the online payment processor Worldline India entitled "Wordline India Digital Payments 2019", What is the name of the Indian state that was at the top of the list of the highest number of digital transactions?

3) Which of the Central Armed Police (CAPF) has launched the e-karyalay application (e-office) to enable the movement of files and documents without physical touch?

4) What is the name of the Indian company that has teamed up with Thomas Jefferson University of Philadelphia to develop a vaccine for COVID-19?

5) Which Indian Ministry has launched the multilingual version of the "Incredible India" website and mobile app in New Delhi?

6) David Beckham was recently seen in the news, he is associated with which sport?

7) With which state is the hornbill festival associated?

8) What are the overarching themes of the 90th Union budget for 2020-2021?

9) Who won Croatia's presidential election on January 6, 2020?

10) When will the Union budget of India enter into force?

11) Research says that _________ is more vulnerable to coronavirus?

12) When were the United Nations founded?

13) Which event will be in the Guinness Book of World Records?

14) Which country is one of the world's fastest growing major economies, according to IMF?

15) Sheikh Ahmad reelected as President of the Olympic Council of which continent?

16) What is the name of the operation launched by the Indian Navy as part of a national effort to repatriate Indian citizens from abroad?

17) The recently deceased deceased freedom fighter Hema Bharali belonged to which state of India?

18) IIT-Guwahati and which of the following institutions have collaborated and used data science models to analyze and predict the total number of infected people for different states in India in the next 30 days?

19) When is World Digestion Day celebrated?

20) What is the Indian state, which will be the first in the country to launch a uniform vehicle registration and the second to launch a uniform driving license after Uttar Pradesh?

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